Phone grip stand Simple But Life Changing

Have you seen one of those weird circular discs slapped on the back of someone’s phone? It is a Phone grip stand, which has been greatly popular especially with younger groups.

What is it? Phone grip stand is a kind of phone grip being make of high quality plastic and 3M adhesive. It is a collapsible phone holder & stand that could “pop” out in 2 levels in different height. This allows you watch your favorite video’s hands-free. It also offers a number of different types of grips such as the photo grip, video chat grip, tablet grip and of course texting grip.

It also has cord wrap features which are designed to make your life easier. This product is totally water-proof, you can move it on your kitchen or bathroom

Phone grip stand with a mount-holder can be used in your bathroom, night tables, kitchen or even attached to a GoPro and used underwater for extra grip.