Mini Neon Signs for Sale

Small size, neon lights are still stunning. Buy Cheap LED Neon Lights Here.

Shop our mini neon series of LED neon lights and cheap neon signs for sale, get a cool neon vibe for your home, bedroom, home bar, office, party event, pub, man cave or garage.

Cute neon signs: The cute pattern neon lights are suit for kid's room decor. We have "paper plane neon signs", "cat neon signs", "puppy neon signs", "cloud neon signs", "popsicle neon signs" and etc. for your options.

Funny neon signs: The "Butterfly neon signs", "planet neon signs", "moon neon signs", "sunset neon signs", "sea wave neon signs" are suit for living room decor.

Love neon signs: our beautiful "Love neon sign", "XOXO neon signs", "Heart neon signs", "Lady hair neon signs", "Lips neon signs" can add love vibes for bedroom.

Mini neon signs price is cheaper, cost from $70+ per neon light sign, you can get more designs of neon lights. Light up your home with mini neon signs.

MakeNeon store offers aesthetic neon sign, cool neon light signs, cute led neon, hipster designed neon and sexy neon light signs for home decor. MakeNeon store also provides sweet love neon sign, Family name neon sign, party neon signs for wedding event and we can customize logo neon signs for business – whatever any type neon light signs you’re looking for, we can make it for you.

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About our LED Neon Lights for Sale

The neon signs in the MakeNeon store are hand-made with high-quality LED flexible shells, wrapped in flexible rubber tubes, and mounted on acrylic back panels. We have various colors options for the neon lights and acrylic back panels to fit your place style.

Neon Signs for Beauty Shop, customer like the white neon sign with a silver acrylic back panel, that's make the beauty room more beautiful and peaceful.

Neon Signs for home, people like pink neon signs or blue neon signs to create fun vibes.

Neon Bar Signs for business, light up your bar with "Flamingo neon signs", " Bar open neon signs", " beer neon", "juice neon sign". People will be willing to go to a restaurant/bar where with a good vibe to enjoy food and get relax. MakeNeon Store are proficient in this and collect the best sales design neon signs as your choice.

The Feature of LED neon light signs

LED flexible neon lights have low energy consumption and are cheaper than traditional glass neon lights and vintage neon light sign. LED neon lights are non-toxic gas, no glass that can be broken, and the neon lights do not heat up so they are safe to touch.

LED neon signs are also durable, with a service life of approximately more than 50,000 hours (usually 10 years, or about 5 years of continuous use).

All of our LED flexible neon signs are equipped with a US-certified power adapter. And all of our neon LED signs come with pre-drilled holes for easy hanging or wall mounting.

MakeNeon store also offer the remote control for every neon light sign order. Our remote have an on/off switch and 10 brightness settings. Your custom neon lights can be set to flash with adjustable speeds.


What's the LED neon sign package included?

  • Dimmer and remote to control the neon lights

  • Mounting kit for your neon signs

  • Power supply with suitable plug

  • One year warranty for any quality issue of neon light sign.