About LED Neon

LED neon is a highly adaptable commercial lighting solution that stands out for its versatility. Unlike traditional glass neon lighting, LED neon offers a range of advantages. LED lighting products are notably smaller and lighter than their glass counterparts, providing enhanced maneuverability and ease of installation. Additionally, LED neon significantly reduces power consumption while delivering superior illumination.

  1. LED neon signs outshine traditional glass neon fixtures in brightness. They emit a uniform, dot-free soft light that evenly bathes the surrounding space.
  2. LED neon signs come in a variety of colors, including red, yellow, blue, green, as well as neutral white, cool white, and warm white hues.
  3. LED neon is environmentally friendly and poses no health risks to individuals. In contrast, traditional neon glass signs can be hazardous if the neon gas leaks into the atmosphere due to damage to the glass tubing.
  4. LED neon boasts impressive energy efficiency and remains cool to the touch even during prolonged operation, thanks to its low-voltage output.
  5. LED neon operates on standard AC voltage, offering a safer experience when powering on or off the light compared to traditional neon.
  6. LED neon signs are available with either clear or colored acrylic backgrounds, offering further customization options to suit different aesthetic preferences.

Yes, without a doubt!

  1. MakeNeon LED signs are meticulously crafted using flexible neon LED, eliminating the presence of gas or mercury, ensuring the safety of individuals' health.
  2. Operating at a mere 12V, MakeNeon LED signs run at a notably safer voltage compared to traditional neon lights. Their low voltage output guarantees that the outer surface remains cool even during extended periods of use.
  3. MakeNeon LED signs are free from breakable glass components, enhancing safety during both installation and usage.
  1. Single Color: MakeNeon offers a selection of 22 colors to choose from. Among these, 12 colors appear white when the light is off and transition to their respective colors when illuminated. The remaining 10 colors maintain their hue whether the light is on or off.
  2. RGB Changing color: 7-9 different color variations. It can change color or maintain color via remote control.
  3. Gradient Changing color: Full color mode, can be Gradient Color, RGB Changing Color or Signgle Color mode

Absolutely! It's standard practice! MakeNeon also offers a wireless dimmer option, which is placed between your sign and the power supply, enabling effortless brightness adjustment to suit the ambiance of your space.

The dimmer allows for remote dimming, on/off switching, and programming the light to flash or glow in various patterns.

MakeNeon provides waterproof neon signs suitable for outdoor events, massage steam baths, and more. You can choose the outdoor options when custom your neon. It's important to note that this option is not included as a default feature.

All MakeNeon signs conveniently connect to a standard power socket, with each sign equipped with a plug suitable for its designated shipping country, along with a 12V transformer. This setup ensures safety and compatibility across different regions, making it suitable for any country and safe for use around children.

The plug option is our default choice. Please contact us if you require a battery setup instead.

MakeNeon provides three installation methods for your sign, with mounting screws being the default choice:

1. Wall mounting with screws (Requires drilling).
2. Suspension using wires (No drilling required; easy to relocate).
3. Tabletop placement with a stand (No drilling required; easy to relocate).

Yes, MakeNeon highly recommends.

Neon signs are not heavy consumers of electricity. In fact, leaving neon signs on 24/7 can extend their lifespan. Continuously plugging and unplugging your sign can accelerate wear on the transformer and diminish the overall longevity of your neon sign.

The LED signs typically endure for approximately 5 years. This lifespan is approximately three times longer than that of traditional gas neon signs. Typically, if there is an issue, it tends to involve the adapter failing; however, these are replaceable components, and we can provide replacements if needed.

Absolutely not. LED neon is both environmentally friendly and maintenance-free.

About Shipping

For standard orders, we typically handle and ship them out within 1-2 weeks.
If you opt for a Rush Order, we'll expedite the process, handling your order within 3 working days. Delivery usually takes between 3-5 working days.

All orders are shipped via express delivery services such as DHL, FedEx, or TNT, providing door-to-door service for your convenience.

Once your order has been shipped, you'll receive an email containing the tracking number from the delivery courier, allowing you to monitor the status of your delivery.

About Returns/Claims

We only accept refunds and exchanges for faulty products. At MakeNeon, we strive to resolve issues promptly and will replace, refund, or partially refund the product as necessary. The final resolution for defective products is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Please inspect your parcel immediately upon receipt. If you notice any damage, contact us support@makeneon.com and provide detailed pictures of the damages. Upon review, we will offer a solution promptly.

Our team hand-bends the flex neon strip for your custom neon sign. Therefore, your sign may not be an exact match to the mock-up we provided. We believe that each craft item is unique. Please note that product images are for illustrative purposes only and may differ slightly from the actual product. The colors of our neon products shown on our website or mock-ups are for reference only.

Need assistance?

With our online neon design tool, you can easily customize your text LED neon sign with a variety of options such as fonts, colors, backgrounds and accessories to achieve the perfect effect.

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