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What is LED neon light Signs?

The traditional neon light signs are glass tubes containing neon or argon gas, which is lit by a negligible current. Neon was popular and are usually used used as brand signage for motels, bars, tattoo parlors, beauty shop and food stalls. Undeniable, neon sign is the distinctive element of Modern city's nightlife.

More stylish, energy-saving and beautiful! The new style LED neon lights replicate the lighting effect of glass neon lights but do so more efficiently.

It is made with flex strip and LED beads. Therefore, the signage is lighter weight, easy to shape, not easy to damage, and has a longer service life. LED neon lights are easy to use and versatile, so they are becoming more and more popular!

LED neon light signs not only use for business, it can also be used as home decoration, or bring more vibes for your wedding party events.

How to personalized your custom neon sign on MakeNeon Store

With just a few clicks, you can easily create a neon atmosphere on our product page. MakeNeon's online builder provides multiple options to help build cool neon signs.

Size: Our Builder are offering 20‘’, 30'', 40'', 50'', 60'', 70'', 80'' width for your neon sign. For 5-7 letters, we suggest build it by 20-30''. If the letter you want to say on the neon sign is more than 12, we suggest 40''-60''. More letter inquiry, bigger size are request. We also can do other size if you wanted, welcome to contact us for support.

Font: MakeNeon has collected the most popular regular script and cursive script, as well as some double-line fonts. Try to type your neon letter and bring your own neon into reality, nothing is cooler than this.

Color: we offer 12 popular color of neon lights. They are hot pink, light pink, cold white, warm white, red, orange, purple, green, ice blue, dark blue, yellow and gold yellow.

Color type: The neon lights have standard single color, multiple changing color and gradient full changing color options. It can met your dreams in colorful neon worlds.

Other option: Select the neon signs backing shape in square or irregular, choose the suitable plug of your country standard, and make the sign for indoor use or outdoor waterproof to make your own neon signs perfectly.

Why Custom your neon sign by MakeNeon

MakeNeon company is a professional manufacture of LED neon light signs in America. With the increasing demand for neon sign decorations, our customers are all over the world.

With MakeNeon company, you can easy to bring your dreams to life.
There some reasons why customers trust MakeNeon:

Builder: To create your own neon word signs, you can make your own with our MakeNeon builder online. We have different fonts, colors, size that you can make different combinations. If the neon proof can not fix your ideas, welcome to contact our teams to get free quote and mock-up before order!

Quality: All of our neon lights are handmade with child-safe, economical and environmentally friendly LED neon tubes. And before packaging and shipping, quality control and aging tests will be carried out.

Installation: Our standard neon signs are made of acrylic backing and are easy to install with screws or chains. All our neon sign packs will come with accessories. If you want to see how to install, welcome to watch the video.

After-Sales Service: Our neon sign quality is trustworthy, but due to some unexpected reasons, the product may come with some accessories missing or the package may be violently picked up during transportation and damaged. We will unconditionally reissue the replacement for you.

Warranty: MakeNeon offer one year warranty for every LED neon signs we make. You can check package once it delivered, any quality issue are supported.

Let us illuminated your world with quality LED neon signs for home, business, weddings, events and more.

Light up your world with custom neon signs

LED neon sign is versatile. Not only using for business brand logo, but also as fashion wall art decor for home, wedding, party or event. You can even use it in any occasion.

Special gift: More and more people shop custom neon name signs as birthday gift for father, mother, son, daughter, nephew or friends. The most popular font style that lighting up on the neon name sign is Cursive font.

Wedding & Event: A great way to light up neon signs on the wedding day is to create a stylish and radiant background. you can personalize the neon sign as family name signs, initial name signs,  couple's name, bridegroom and bride name sign. Or you custom the sign saying as love vows, Mr and Mrs, bride to be, love you more...

Baby Shower: Baby is the apple of people's eyes. Many young couples are more and more attention to the sense of ritual, and they may hold Baby Shower for their newly born baby.
A lighting kid's name sign or funny neon sign can make the party active. bring an active atmosphere to the event.
After the event, you can also hang it in the nursery room as a wall decoration.

Business Brand Logo:
Every business should have a brand name or logo so that customers can remember your products and services well. Modern flex neon light signs stand out and bring more attention for coffee shops, bars, restaurants, and diners. You can always see neon light up signs dress up the beauty salons or barber shops; Large outdoor neon signs are found in nightclubs, Yoga or GYM studios.

Modern merchants are willing to cater to the social needs of young people. They usually decorate a beautiful wall art with business neon signs as the background for selfies. As a part of modern wall art, LED Neon Signs feature shining, attracting and good vibes. Young people are more willing to post beautiful masters with your brand light up signs to Instagram.

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