How to Hang Neon Signs: A Comprehensive Guide | MakeNeon

How to Hang Neon Signs: A Comprehensive Guide | MakeNeon


With their vibrant glow and timeless appeal, neon signs have always been a popular choice for businesses and homeowners looking to add a vintage feel to their spaces. These illuminated signs aren’t just about looks; They are a statement, a work of art, and require the right installation to ensure their brilliance shines through for years to come.

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MakeNeon Neon Light Installation Guide

Choose the right location

Choosing the perfect location for your neon lights is crucial. It’s not just about visibility; This is to ensure that the sign complements the space and creates the desired atmosphere. Consider wall type – will it be strong enough to accommodate signage? Consider exposure to natural elements; neon signs bathed in direct sunlight may lose their vibrancy over time. Find a balance between showing off your sign in all its glory while protecting it from potential damage.

Preparation before installation

Before starting your installation journey, arm yourself with the right tools. Drills, screws, wall anchors, and levels are your best friends on this job. The wall housing your neon masterpiece should be clean, dry, and solid. Any imperfections on the surface may affect the stability of your sign, so make sure it's in top condition.

Step-by-step installation guide

Measure and mark: Accuracy is your ally. Carefully measure the designated area and mark the drilling points, making sure the sign is perfectly level after hanging.
Drilling: Drill holes precisely at marked points and insert wall anchors - they are the basis for installation.

Install the hook or bracket: Secure the hook or bracket to the anchor bolt. They will bear the weight of your sign, so make sure they are tight.
Hang a neon sign: Gently hang the sign from a hook or bracket. Connect it to a power source, double-checking that all connections are tight and the signal is stable.

MakeNeon neon light sign installation

MakeNeon installation steps to hang neon lights

Tips and Tricks for a Seamless Installation
Hidden Wires: Neon signs with visible wires can be an eyesore. Use cable organizers or conduits to hide them from view for a cleaner, sleeker look.
Avoid direct sunlight: Sunlight can be the enemy of neon lights. Place the sign away from direct sunlight to maintain its color and vibrancy.
Tighten securely: A sign of good tightening is a sign of safety. Carefully check all screws, brackets, and connections to make sure the sign is stable and secure.

Maintenance and care
Neon signs are more than just a purchase; it's a consumption. This is an investment. Regular cleaning with a soft microfiber cloth and routine inspection of electrical connections will ensure your sign continues to shine brightly. Handle it with care and avoid using abrasive materials, and your neon sign will always be a shining beacon of your style and personality.

Customization options for MakeNeon
At MakeNeon, your imagination is the only limit. We offer countless customization options so you can create a one-of-a-kind neon sign. Whether it's specific colors, fonts or designs, we'll help you realize your vision.

Comprehensive Neon Installation Manual from MakeNeon

Installing and maintaining neon lights may seem like a daunting task, but with the right tools, knowledge, and patience, it's a piece of cake. By following this comprehensive guide, you won't just be hanging a neon sign; You are preserving a work of art, ensuring it will continue to shine and fascinate for years to come.

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Neon Light Installation and Maintenance FAQs

Q: How often should I clean my neon lights?
A: A gentle cleaning every few weeks is enough to keep your sign sparkling.

Q: Can I customize my neon lights at MakeNeon?
Answer: Of course! MakeNeon specializes in turning your custom neon dreams into reality.

Neon signs are a blend of art and functionality, and with proper installation and care, they can become a timeless addition to any space. For any additional questions or your custom neon lighting needs, MakeNeon is here to light your journey.

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