Christmas Stockings-LED Neon Signs

Christmas Stockings-LED Neon Signs

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Christmas Stockings Neon Signs to glowing your studio, shop, party. Shine the Event with High Quality LED Neon Signs. It's also a home decor with long lifespan after wedding. Bright your room with our Custom Neon Signs are affordable.

  • Free Shipping,Free Design, Free Mock Up, Free Quote! 
  • Used for weddings, parties, or interior decoration, or business
  • Color optional:cold white, warm white, pink, light pink, yellow, orange, red, purple, blue, ice blue, green
  • Size can be the minimum size S or M or whatever size you want
  • Comes with 1-year parts warranty 
  • Usually ships 7-10 business days after approval. 
  • Worldwide shipping available
  • For multiple colors or other sizes, please contact us.

Tech Specs

Dimensions Customized as per your request (The minimum size of a letter is 4CM)
LED Neon Flex Size (W x H)
Size (6 x 12mm) or (8 x 15mm)
LED Neon Flex jacket White jacket (Turn off display White)  / Colored jacket (Turn off display colored)
LED Neon Colors  Red, Blue, Green, Orange, White, Warm White, Light pink, Yellow, Lemon yellow, Ice blue, Purple, Pink
Backboards   5mm Acrylic plate
Acrylic board color Transparent / black / colored
Warranty 1 Years
Backboard shape  Cut to shape, Square backboard,Invisible acrylic
LED Power Adapter Standard 230v or 110v LED power adapter
AC Power Plug EU / UK / AU / US Plug
Main Parts Acrylic plate, Neon flex, Power supply, Accessories for installation
Transparent cable  Approx. 2m long (from LED sign) 
A/C Power Cord  Approx. 1.5m long ( from transformer)
Installation methods Mounting (on wall ) or Hanging by ropes ( on ceiling )
Delivery time 3-6 working days after payment confirmed

Neon Font

We can produce any design you could possibly want - letters, words and logos. Here some fonts for chose or you can send image to us directly:


Neon Color

We can make neon sign in many colors.LED neon flex jacket has two types, one is white jacket (turn off display white), one is colored jacket (turn off display colored).Please tell us the color of your choice.

Neon Color Type:

We have 3 Color Types For Neon Lights:

* Type 1: Single Color Display When Light On (Most popular)

* Single color in one light. (22 different colors option on site)
* Use dimmer remote to control brightness and flashing of the light.
1.Single color neon light can be waterproof.

* Type 2: Multi Color Display When Light On

* 15+ different colors in one light, 1 color shown at a time.
* Use remote to change color and control brightness and flashing of the light.
1.Multi color neon light can be waterproof.
2.Small size / Small text neon light hard to make Multi color

* Type 3: Gradient Color Display When Light On

* 21+ different colors in one sign, which can be simultaneously displayed at the same time in 100+ preset digital patterns.
* Can also display single color at a time.
* Use remote to change color and control brightness and flashing of the light.
1.Gradient color neon light can not be waterproof.
2.Small size/ Small text neon light hard to make Gradient color



Neon Sign Backboard Shape

Each sign also has the option for backing to be trimmed in one of 2 ways :
1.Cut to shape;2.Cut to square;
It is recommended to choose 1.Cut to shape (most commonly used).
Backboard material is acrylic.Transparent color is the choice for most people.

Neon Sign Backing color

Neon Sign Accessories

Power Supply:
Each sign comes with an easy to use power supply, simply plug it in like you would a lamp. We provide the correct plug depending on your location (EU, UK, US, AU).Transparent cable approx 2m long (from LED sign).A/C Power cord approx. 1.5m long ( from transformer).
We also provide you with a dimmer, this plugs in between your sign and the power supply and allows you to easily adjust the brightness of your sign to fit the mood of the room.(Extra charge)
Hanging system:
Each sign comes pre-drilled and with the necessary items to hang your sign in it’s new home.
Neon Sign Accessories

Neon Size

We can customize neon lights of any size you want, but there is a minimum size limit for letters in different fonts, the minimum size of letters is 4CM.
Refer to the general size/style guide below to help with your order.

 custom neon signs

Neon Sign Delivery & Shipping

Delivery time:
5-10 working days after approval confirmed.
We can make very urgent orders. We will charge an additional $40 for each piece. The production time is 1-2 days

Free shipping on all neon sign orders!
United States: 3-10 working days
Australia: 2-7 working days
United Kingdom: 3-10 working days
Europe: 3-10 working days
Rest of the world: 3-10 working days


custom neon sign pack


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Dress Up Your Place With MakeNeon Light Signs

LED neon sign is versatile. Not only using for business brand logo, but also as fashion wall art decor for home, wedding, party or event. You can even use a LED neon sign in any occasion as needed. MakeNeon produces affordable neon signs with high-quality and efficient service. We are helping people to get in touch with neon wall art and build their design easily. Now glowing your world with MakeNeon light signs!

Custom Neon Signs For Home:
If you are looking to add something cool or unique to your home or bedroom, living room, even your kids room. LED neon wall signs are a fashionable choice. It can give your home an extra glow and also add more fun. You can decor you wall with neon name signs, create some cool or cute pattern neon sign for kids room. "good vibes only" neon sign, "it was all a dream" neon sign, "flamingo" and "moon" neon signs are the best vibes for room.

Custom Neon Signs For Wedding Event:
"It’s amazing to make our wedding more magical with your custom neon lights! " Many couple's or friends gave feedback like this after lighting up the wedding neon signs. Neon lights are colorful and imaginable, it can bring you a deep and sweet memories after the big day! In addition to the last name neon sign, initial name sign and the couple's name sign, "Mr and Mrs.", "Bride to Be", "Love You More" neon signs are also a best gifts for bride and bridegroom.

Custom Neon Signs For Gaming & Streaming:
The feature of Neon signs is funny and cool. It's fits perfectly with games and streaming. Many game rooms are decorated with various game lights in dark, bringing a joyful atmosphere. “△OX□” and "PlayStation" pattern neon signs, "Game On", "Game Room", "Live", "VR" "twitch tv" logo and "Man Cave" neon signs are often seen on streaming media. Apart from these, the custom #username neon sign are the main style. Write your username on our page to making your own neon game signs is easy.

LED Neon Sign For Beauty & Nail Room, Barber Shop:
The hair scissors and Red-White-Blue Color Pole is the specific for barber shop. Nail polish and brush, eyelashes and eyebrows, lips and facial masks are the specific for beauty shop. LED neon lights can glow these elements gorgeous. If you are a shop owner, why not try beautiful neon signs to attract your customers’ attention.

Neon Light Signs For Holiday:
Lighting up a cool neon sign at Halloween or Christmas can make people feel more festive and fun. Pumpkins and demons neon, Santa Claus and Christmas stockings, elk neon are essential elements in the holiday season. "Happy New Year" neon signs and the year's number neon is also bring people a new beginning.

In the high-tech modern life, Energy-saving and environmentally friendly LED neon lights can add more fun and good vibes to your life. Let the neon lights speak for you, try to create your personal neon by MakeNeon great builder page.

About MakeNeon Builder

1. Width: Choose a suitable size of neon sign for your place. If you choose the width in 40''/100cm, the height will be proportional as the neon design

2. Font: Write your neon letters into our Text Form and click to see which font style you are prefer. We have Block Letter and Cursive Script, cute Double Line fonts to choose from.

3. Neon Light Color: We have collected the 12 most popular colors for neon lights, which is hot pink, light pink, cold white, warm white, red, orange, purple, green, ice blue, dark blue, yellow and gold yellow color.

4. Light Tube Jacket Color: There are two options for displaying your neon signs when the lights are turned off: White or The same colored as light on. If you don't what to display your blue neon sign when lights off, then you can choose white tube to let your blue neon sign stay in white when lights off.

5. Neon Light Color Type: except the 12 popular single-color neon lights, MakeNeon also offer multi color and gradient color. If you order the standard single color, the neon sign will lighting in one color only and you can use the dimmer remote to control the brightness. With the multi color style, 15+ preset colors for changing, you also can display it in 1 color. The gradient color neon light signs are amazing, 21+ different colors in one sign, which can be simultaneously displayed at the same time in 100+ preset digital patterns. Click here to see the difference.

6. Preview Background: Base our Preview Background, you can clearly see your neon signs effect for bedroom, living room, kids room, dark wall, green wall, office scene, GYM vibes.

7. Backing Shape & Color: LED Neon sign is usually made with a clear acrylic backing. But sometime customer have other backing color requires, so MakeNeon provides more. The backing color we have are Clear, Black, White, Silver Mirror, Gold Mirror, Pink, Red, Rose Red, Blue and Green. Clear backing and Mirror backing are the most options.

The customer's favorite backing shape is "Cut to Shape" and "Cut to Square/Rectangle", which is good looking when light turn on and off. The most important that with a acrylic backing are easily for installation. In some case, customer may no need a backing, so we offer ''Cut to letters". In this way, installation is more troublesome and requires more care.

8. Dimmer & Remote Controller: If you choose this options options, MakeNeon will send your custom neon signs with dimmer remote control. After receiving the package, you need to buy 2 batteries and put them into remote, then you can use it to control the brightness and flash mode of the neon lights. And no need to pull the plug to turn on or off the neon lights.

9. Power Plug: We make personalized neon signs for all over the world. Therefore, you need to select the suitable plug for your neon sign when ordering. We have USA/CAN, UK, EU, AUS/NZ, JPN type plug. If the plug comes wrong, you neon sign may not light up. Don't worry, contact us to get the correct one, and then you neon sign will work.

10. Lead Time: All our LED neon signs are expert handmade, and it takes 7-12 working days for the production and quality technical control before shipping. MakeNeon team will try all the fast but best to finish your neon light signs and send out. Due to some circumstances, you need to get your neon sign urgently, we will complete your rush order in 7 working days and send out.

If other options you want to customize for your neon sign, welcome to contact us. Our design team are glad to help!